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Surmans lake

Surmans is the perfect lake for people who enjoy catching fish. It is stocked with many fish including tench ,roach, bream, perch and small pike. it is also stocked with lots of carp up to 10lbs. with these fish in mind it is perfect for match angling and beginer carpers.

No night fishing

Bents pool

Bents is the other small lake on the heyford fishery however the fishing does not dissapoint. it is stocked with generally the larger fish compared to surmans and the fishing is good. it is stocked with bream, tench, perch, roach, pike and carp to 20lbs. it is a good lake to perfect your fishing tactics for match fishing or to catch a large Carp. night fishing allowed

Specimen lake

The Specimen Lake which as its name impliesholds some very big Mirror Carp, Common Carp, Tench, Pike,Roach, Perch and Chub etc. Carp have been recorded up to 39lb,Pike up to 33lb and Tench 12lb 7oz. it is the perfect lake fo carp anglers but also has appield to match and plesure anglers looking to catch a big fish.

States Lagoon


Access off main road (B4449) opposite Heyford Lakes entrance.This lake has been stocked over the past 15 years since the club purchased it with Bream, Roach, Tench, Rudd, Crucian Carp and Chub.The lake has fished very well for Carp, Tench, Rudd and skimmers, with some large Bream being caught as well. Pike were not stocked but some good specimens have been caught toover 30lb.

River windrush


The water extends from above Farm Mill along the mainstream(missing the area just by the Mill) down to Gill Mill, and on theback stream to the fence below the foot bridge at Cokethorpe. The Windrush holds a good head of Dace, Chub and Trout. Fly fishing is allowed on all Club water starting one field downstream from the by-pass. No fly fishing on council owned land or near pylons. The Club also has the fishing rights at the back of States Lagoon and Heyford Lakes. All Rods and Poles over 13ft are Banned on the RiverWindrush.

Members must not use the private quarry access road between Ducklington and Cokethorpe, and must be aware that fishing near the working Quarry can be dangerous.

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