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Newland AC was formed by a small group of anglers living in the Witney area in 1950 with the intention of renting a section of the river Windrush. The club continued with waters on the Windrush and additional stretches on the river Thames for many years. In the 1970s a major event occurred which was to change the course of the club forever. This was the opportunity to purchase a pair of disused gravel pits. At the time it seemed an impossible goal but with a tremendous effort from the committee and members it was managed and the club finally became land (or rather water) owners. Once these lakes had been paid for, the club looked for other waters to purchase and was lucky enough to be able to purchase the lake now known as States Lagoon. Later the smaller of the two original lakes was split into two small lakes. These were then named Bents Pool and Surman Lake. The larger of the two original lakes became known as the Specimen Lake. This leaves the club in its present position with a total of four lakes as well as stretches of the rivers Windrush and Thames.

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