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Match Rules 

1. All competitors are confined to one rod and hook at the same time (except Pike matches where 2 rods may be used). Spare rods may be made up.

2. Competitors must use a minimum of 2 keepnets (one for silvers) and all fish must be kept alive and returned to the water. All Barbel and Carp over 5lb to be weighed in as soon as possible.

3. In the case of Specimen Fish it will left to the Match Secretary to decide.

4. Game Fish and Pike are prohibited. Pike will only be weighed in on Pike matches.

5. All matches on rivers to be fished within the downstream confines of your peg.

6. All matches will be started and finished on the whistle.

7. Competitors drawing scales and failing to take them will bedisqualified.

8. Anyone wishing to fish Club matches must notify Graham at States Tackle (phone Witney 702587) by 12 noon at the latest on the Saturday prior to the match. Persons putting their names down for the match will be liable to pay the match fee even if they do not fish the match.

9. Matches will be fished to N.F.A. rules excepting where these are superseded by the Clubs rules.

10. Any matchman with litter at his peg will not be weighed in,regardless if he left it or not.

11. All pools and sweepstakes on Club matches will be optional. A match entrance fee for club matches will be set at the AGM.

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